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Tactics of SAMBO Wrestling

Chapter 3

Enduring Pursuit to Clean Victory or Victory by Evident Advantage

Clean (ultimate) victories or victories by evident advantage (advantage of less than 12 match points) are realized by training for well executed ploys on the mat after the standing opponent is thrown to his back. This is needed to defeat an opponent who is thrown but must be held down because he was not thrown to clean victory. Surprise attack alone may not be enough to obtain victory, so the SAMBist must be prepared to wear down an opponent to weaken him for conquest.

Constant pursuit is a most effective means to achieve victory. A SAMBist's ability to initiate hold downs may wear the opponent down for attack. By the SAMBist initiating one attack after another, the opponent's defensive resources are strained until he is unable to recover from an attack.

However, the SAMBist must be wary in his pursuit. If he gets carried away with his offense, he may unwittingly be drawn into one of the opponent's defensive ploys. In order to win cleanly or by point advantage, the SAMBist must be quick and steadfast to:

For this, the SAMBist requires excellent technical preparation and training to exploit the SAMBO tactics of pursuit for his victories.

Chapter 3