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Tactics of SAMBO Wrestling

Chapter 1

The Standard Situation

Basic SAMBO wrestling tactics are evident in the methods exemplified by master SAMBO technicians in their matches as they display their correct use and knowledge of SAMBO against opponents. Their techniques are streamlined and efficient, and their tactical planning is visible in each match.

In the whole of SAMBO wrestling, there is victory based on systems and methods. To achieve this, the wrestler must be trained to fight well and to not train alone and just for him. The basics of SAMBO wrestling require knowledge of both offense and defense.
Therefore logically, there must be training to support both aspects. Pursuing an opponent by pressing him with constant attack appears to be the most obvious plan toward victory on the mats. However, this method requires great energy and can be thwarted by good counter wrestling.

The SAMBO wrestler must have several ploys ready to use against his opponent. He must show only what is needed for each basic plan and no more. Tactics may allow victory without great expenditures of energy or strength. Tactics demand that the SAMBist must:

Basic match planning may involve some or all of the following tactics: Choosing the right attack plans allows the master SAMBist to enjoy many victories based on this technical and tactical SAMBO wrestling. Each wrestling strategy must have a distinct path to victory.

Intelligent SAMBO planning manifests itself in powerful wrestling demonstrated by experienced SAMBO veterans. True SAMBO reacts to the match environment adapting the tactics and techniques to fit the circumstances and the adversaries. For example, active defense often leads to the chance to reconnoiter the adversary's prowess. In turn, this leads to time for determining the maneuvers and disguises for the set-ups needed to implement the proper offense.

Well planned SAMBO wrestling may be disguised, and thus, not evident, but it is the one condition always demonstrated by veteran SAMBists. Techniques combined with varied plans of wrestling control adapt to the situation. Therefore, this book expounds on various plans to combine techniques with tactics.

The plan should be laid out long before the opportunity for the technique occurs. Appropriate levels of intricacy for the ploys correspond to the talents, abilities, and experience of the adversary. Part of this effort requires that the SAMBist take the initiative to set the tempo for the fight. This is based on the SAMBist's training, talent, maneuverability, will to win, and well rehearsed ploys for set-ups. The SAMBist then has the ability to set-up his advantages over his opponent to exploit what opportunities develop for victory throughout their competition.

Chapter 2 Offensive